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Meet the Founders


Nurse Gina was inspired to start her parent company Environmental Health Consultants in 2016 after beginning her career as a registered nurse providing in-home immunoglobulin therapy for patients with autoimmune diseases. While caring for her patients, she began to observe commonalities between patients and their environment that might be affecting their health, namely mold exposure from Hurricane Sandy. 
Environmental Health Consultants focuses on; mold and affordable indoor air quality assessments, Environmental Health consulting, and project management for mold remediation.
In 2019 Nurse Gina partnered with a colleague Gary Szymanski who share the same vision of the environment and occupant health to create the Germ Buster System. A preventative monthly two step process for reducing the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms in the environment. 
Our mission is to educate one and all on why we need to consider our environment when we think about our health and well-being. 


As project manager and co-founder of Germ Buster System, Inc., Gary is passionate about helping others improve their health in the most expedient, affordable way and educating them on how that can be sustained. He’s willing to take on the risk so that you don’t have to.

Gary, who is a certified residential and commercial mold investigator and remediator…as well as a self-proclaimed research junkie, is constantly learning in his quest to provide his clients with the very best service. In February 2018 he became one of 50 people in the world to be trained in a new cutting-edge indoor air quality technology (

He also specializes in assisting families and individuals with chemical and environmental sensitivities. And when he’s not helping people in their homes or businesses, he is satisfying his passion to learn and educate by being a regular contributor and administrator for several mold blogs and social networking groups throughout the country.

Gary has also always had a passion for music. Over the years he has recorded, written, engineered, produced,  and has been signed to two independent record labels and performed hundreds of live shows. Gary says, “That was my first love, but since the birth of my son, my perspective has changed.”
Professional Training, Certifications & Continuing Education:​
  • Certified Residential Mold Inspector - Professional Mold Inspection Institute (2013)
  • Certified Mold Remediator- Professional Mold Inspection Institute (6/2013)
  • Certified Commercial Mold Investigator- Professional Mold Inspection Institute (7/2013)
  • EMSL ANALYTICAL INC/Certificate- Hands on Sampling & Investigative equipment (5/2013)
  • New Jersey NACHI/Certificate- Understanding Moisture Migration Pathways (12/2014)
  • Certified Smart Vent installer- National Flood Insurance Program Flood Loss Prevention Solutions (8/2015)
  • New Jersey NACHI/Certificate- Roofing construction techniques and ventilation (3/2016)
  • Odor removal/Certificate IICRC curriculum (08/2017)
  • IICRC Certified Smoke and Fire Restoration (11/2017)
  • Certified Instascope Operator (01/2018)
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation-Certificate IAQA (01/2018)
  • IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration (01-2018)

Our Quality Guarantee

100% Effective

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