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GermBuster System PPE protocols

As to promote safety to our employees and to protect our customers from cross-contamination, all of our technicians will be outfitted with proper PPE which includes but not limited to the following; Tyvek suits, with foot covers and hoods, p100 or similar N95 respirators, rubber gloves, and eye protection. 


All occupants should be out of the immediate work area so that we can perform our treatment without interruption.


How GermBuster Systems is responding

The Staff and technicians at GermBuster Systems is staying on top of the safety information and protocols and guidelines being set forth on CDC website.  Keep in mind, Bleach is not the only cleaning agent that can eradicate viruses.  We want to put our clients health first.  Bleach can be very toxic and therefore we choose to provide our customers with a safer alternative to chlorine bleach.  Our product is water-based, non-toxic, safe and 99% effective against all viruses.

For more information about the CDC requirements for Sanitizing you can visit their website here. 

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